Community engagement strategy

Community engagement strategy

What is community engagement?

Effective community engagement results in:

  • services, activities and programmes that reflect the strengths, needs and resources of our patients, families and the wider community
  • outcomes that are understandable and that reflect their expectation

We assess whether community engagement is required and the scale of that engagement by considering key criteria such as:

  • number of people affected
  • level of impact the decision will have on the everyday lives, wellbeing or interests of the community
  • degree of change

What are we trying to achieve?

A World Innovation Summit for Health report identified that effective patient and family engagement can result in positive outcomes such as improved quality and safety, lower costs, a better patient and family experience, and higher healthcare-worker satisfaction.

Our aim is to develop a formal framework of community engagement to help achieve these outcomes within our organisation.

What have we done?

We have developed an Engagement Strategy to outline the importance of community engagement, and to provide a high-level framework for improving engagement within the organisation. This strategy has been developed in collaboration with the Waitemata DHB Community Engagement Forum which includes external stakeholders representing a range of community interests.

Engagement Strategy

The engagement strategy incorporates an engagement cycle which has five stages to:

  1. identify needs and aspirations
  2. develop priorities, strategies and plans
  3. improve services
  4. specify, design and contract services
  5. monitor services

Engagement strategy cycle

Where to from here?

The Engagement Strategy will be submitted to the board for formal approval, and once approved will be implemented across the organisation.

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