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Patient stories

Patient stories


  • To allow patients and their families/whānau to share their experiences
  • For staff to be able to hear directly from patients and their families/whānau about the things that matter most to them, what works, and what they think needs to change
  • To collect stories in a way that will allow us to use them in different settings and with different audiences


Improving patient experience is one of our Board priorities but we cannot achieve this without hearing directly from the people interacting with our services. As part of our patient experience programme we have a number of ways to capture patient feedback and experience.

We wanted a medium that would be more personal and engaging for our staff to help them better reflect on their practice. We also wanted a resource for patients and their families / whānau to share their experiences and advice with other patients so that they can be better prepared when accessing our services.

What did we do?

We developed a patient story programme to allow people to tell their patient experience stories in their own words. We started identifying patients / family members in 2014 from a number of different sources.

Their stories are filmed and edited into 3-5 minute clips, and we now have 23 completed films across a range of services in our organisation. The patient stories cover a variety of experiences and include patients’ views on areas that we are doing well, and also areas for improvement in patient care. Having these films means we have an enduring tool to use for staff orientation, training and education, and for other patients and families to learn from people who have had previous experience of our health services.

Our completed videos are published on our organisational website, and we have also included some in our accounts for viewing [view Patient Stories].

View Jan's patient experience story about Muriwai Ward
View Jan's patient experience story about Muriwai Ward

Vent experience story about Asian Patient Support Services
View Mrs Ko's patient experience story about Asian Patient Support Services

Did we make a difference?

Feedback from staff:

"The patient stories have been a very useful resource during corporate orientation of new staff to the organisation. The orientees have found them quite thought provoking and has contributed to robust discussion" – Quality assurance manager

Feedback from patient story stars:

"I thought you did a really great job of telling our story. It is really good to know that our concerns were taken seriously and hopefully some measures are being taken to address some of these areas, so hopefully something good comes of it all."

"The video is wonderful! I am thrilled with it. It is a wonderful tribute to my mum. Thank you so much!... I am absolutely delighted and can't thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity you have given me."

"Well done. We are both very happy. Hope it will help others. Thank you for listening to our story."

Where to from here?

We will continue to develop patient stories for specific services or clinical pathways.

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