Surgical excellence metrics

Surgical excellence metricsWhat are surgical excellence metrics?

Metrics are measures of performance which enable us to monitor and improve the care we deliver, and to track patient safety and outcomes. We are developing ‘surgical excellence metrics’ to assist individual surgical departments to understand their current performance.


Why are surgical excellence metrics important?

We aim to provide patients with the best clinical care and a positive experience. Each surgical department will have meaningful and up-to-date information on specific areas relevant to their patients. Our excellence metrics will highlight any opportunities for improvement in our processes, clinical practice or patient care and we will be able to monitor the success of these improvements over time.

What have we done?

Senior surgical staff are identifying metrics that are relevant to their department or group of patients, and are finalising the key metrics for their area.

We are reviewing how we can access and use the most relevant electronic information within our current clinical / information systems to monitor these metrics, and have identified that in some cases we will need to develop new ways of collecting electronic information or link to existing databases.

Not only is this project providing meaningful information on topics requested specifically by the surgical teams, but it is also enabling us to review many of the ways we currently collect electronic information. We can therefore determine whether improvements can be made to the accuracy of this information going forward.

Example of surgical metrics supporting patient care and outcomes
Example of surgical metrics supporting patient care and outcomes

Where to from here?

  1. Define – Finalise our agreed metrics for each surgical department and confirm sources of electronic information
  2. Analyse – Determine the most appropriate way to display this information for the teams so that it can be easily reviewed and understood
  3. Solve – Identify areas for improvement to undertake specific projects
  4. Track – Continue to monitor performance ongoing and to track the success of improvements undertaken

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