Board priorities

What are we trying to achieve?

Best care for everyone

Our promise, purpose, priorities and values are the foundation for all we do as an organisation.


Our promise is that we deliver the ‘best care for everyone’. This is our promise to the community and the standard for how we will work together. For us that means we have strived to provide the best care possible to every single person and their family engaged with our services. This required us to develop an organisation-wide culture that puts patients first, is relentless in the pursuit of fundamental standards of care, and ongoing improvements that have been enhanced by strong clinical leadership.

Waitemata DHB - Promise, Purpose, Priorities, ValuesPurpose

Our purpose defines what we strive to do and achieve, and focuses us on delivering the ‘Best Care for Everyone’. Our purpose is to:

  • Promote wellness
  • Prevent, cure and ameliorate ill health, and
  • Relieve suffering of those entrusted into our care


The Waitemata DHB Board has two priorities of:

  • Better outcomes (for patients, whānau, clinicians, our staff, and our population)
  • Enhance patient experience


Our values and behaviours reflect our purpose and describe the internal culture we have strived for. They have shaped:

  • The way our staff plan and make decisions
  • The way our staff behave and interact with patients, service users, whānau and with each other
  • How the DHB has recruited, inducted, appraised and developed staff
  • How the DHB measured and continued to improve everyone’s experience

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